Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET), I am looking forward to welcoming you to Nottingham for the SET 2015 Conference. Previous SET conferences were held in Portugal (Porto 2002), China (Chongqing, 2003), United Kingdom (Nottingham, 2004), China (Jinan, 2005), Italy (Vicenza, 2006), Chile (Santiago, 2007), South Korea (Seoul, 2008), Germany (Aachen, 2009), China (Shanghai, 2010), Turkey (Istanbul, 2011), Canada (Vancouver, 2012) and, China (Hong Kong, 2013) and Switzerland (Geneva, 2014).

The conference is organized by the University of Nottingham United Kingdom and the Word Society of Sustainable energy technologies (WSSET).

SET is a multi–disciplinary international conference on the sustainable energy sources and technologies, and will provide a forum for the exchange of latest technical information, the dissemination of the high-quality research results on the issues, the presentation of the new developments in the area of sustainable energy, and the debate and shaping of future directions and priorities for better environment, sustainable development and energy security.

This year’s conference includes a wide range of topics on sustainable technologies including energy, buildings, transport and industry. We shall have lectures given by eminent keynote speakers and technical sessions focusing on important research topics related to sustainable technologies and eco-buildings

As you no doubt realize, climate-change threatens the water and food security of billions of people around the world. Wider application of sustainable technologies/eco-buildings is vital to achieving a sustainable economy, improved quality of life and protection of the environment.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Once again, I would like financial sponsors for the SET conference including Vale Windows Company Ltd, Ecosmart Solution, PCM Products Ltd and Oxford press

I hope that you find the event informative and enjoyable.

Professor Saffa Riffat


Chair of SET 2015 Conference